The German high quality pianos are built since 1819 in Spaichingen, near the Black Forest. Today the company is still owned by a descendant of the founder. The aim is to make a piano only built in Germany and with the highest quality materials (Renner mechanics, Abel hammers, Roslau strings, Kluge fingerboard…), with a sensitive touch, a rich tone and power and expressiveness.


The company has always wanted to introduce and develop new technological advances: Sauter was the first to use the steel frame to protect the fingerboard, R2 double escapement mechanism, 1/16 tone / microtonal piano, titanium harmonic scales, furniture for schools…

The ‘Spherical Concavity’ of the soundboard of each upright and grand piano is typical of the company. Thanks to a unique building process, the soundboard keeps its spherical concavity trough years, allowing the piano to keep his toning qualities for many years.

The Sauter pianos have an excellent sound quality and are beautiful.

The brand offers a very wide range of upright (112, 116, 122, 130, 122 et 130Meisterklasse) and grand pianos (Alpha 160, Delta 185, Omega 220, Concert 275) available in a variety of finishes and furniture. The «Sauter- design by Peter Maly» serie is the perfect marriage of a high quality instrument with a piece of furniture designed by a great contemporary designer. A pure pleasure to listen to and to see!

Michaël Grailet is the only Sauter piano dealer in Wallonia and the only technician approved by Sauter (See Services). He proposes a wide range of models and will be pleased to inform you about these pianos and their characteristics.

Upright piano

Upright design piano

Grand piano

Grand design piano