Feurich is a world well-known brand, producing high-quality pianos since 1851. They first produced piano in Leipzig. During the first half of the 20th century, the reputation of the Feurich pianos was international: these pianos were used in the most prestigious concert halls. After the Second World War, the manufacture had to move to West Germany and regained success in the 60’s with top of the range pianos, produced first in Langlau, then in Gunzenhausen.


In 2001, the Viennese company Wendl & Lung, which has been producing pianos in China since 2003, gradually bought Feurich. The German production was stopped in 2013 (projects about a new European production are now under consideration). The Feurich pianos are now produced in China, in the Hailun factory in Ningbo. This very modern factory produces high quality instruments, including instruments for well-known European brands. These Feurich pianos are produced following Feurich specific design. The design of its acoustical structure (plate, strings, soundboard), of the mechanics/keyboard and furniture are made by the Feurich engineers and manufacturers in Europe  (Stephen Paulello, Friedrich Steinbauer, Jorg Hauser, …).  All ranges have now a new and more efficient mechanics/ keyboard in July 2014. Feurich combines modern, precise production facilities and high quality European design to produce pianos that are rich in sound and superior in quality. Every instrument produced is proved and controlled in Ningbo by piano-master-craftsman. These pianos are made for beginners, demanding amateurs or students who want to own a high quality instrument for a fair price.

Michaël Grailet is a technician approved by the brand (See Services) and offers a broad range of Feurich pianos and can help and advise you to make the best choice. 

Upright piano

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