Piano rental

Piano rental for the home is a popular choice for beginners or those returning to the piano.

  • From 19€ per month!
  • Choice between different models depending on your needs (different heights, colours…)
  • Rental contract without any obligation to buy!
  • Brand new or recent high quality pianos,
  • Free transport to the ground floor,
  • Piano with soft pedal and adjustable height stool,
  • Mininum of 6 month rental with no time limit,
  • Low deposit,
  • 18 month rental price recovery if you buy the piano.

Piano rental offers many advantages for beginners:

  • You can play at home with a tuned quality piano to begin to learn in the best conditions possible.
  • You don’t have to buy the piano (you don’t know if your child ‘ll continue playing).
  • You’ll be able to choose the piano you’ll buy when you play better. It’s always difficult to choose the piano which suits you when you’re a beginner!

Michaël Grailet offers you his advice to choose between the different models and inform you about the rental contract conditions. We have a limited number of pianos available.