Michaël Grailet followed piano lessons in Belgium before following piano tuning/technician lessons in France and Germany. He began to learn the piano at 8 and followed piano lessons at the César Franck Academy of music in Visé. At 17 he began his last year at secondary school (math-latin) and entered at the same time the Liège Royal Conservatory of Music where he attended 4 years study. He earned a music theory degree and awards, a degree in music analysis, the first prize Music History… while at the same time perfecting his mastery of the piano with Marcel Cominotto at the Academy of music in Chênée.

Later he went to France to follow a piano tuner/technician training (see Services) at the European Technological Institute of Music Career for piano in le Mans where he achieved the Diploma in Piano Tuning and Master of Arts with a Piano Technology Emphasis.

During his studies he worked with experienced tuners who have worked with the best artists of this time. Michaël Grailet also followed a work experience in the Pleyel factory.

He also achieved a degree in piano mastery in the IMEP (‘Institut Supérieur de Musique et de Pédagogie’) in Namur (Belgium) in the Fabian Jardon class and continues to play the piano for his own pleasure.

Michaël Grailet became self-employed in 2009 and still follows work experiences with the Europiano France tuners association to which he belongs and at the Sauter and Steingraeber und Söhne factories (see Pianos). Thanks to this work experience, Michaël Grailet is always perfectly aware of the latest evolutions concerning the piano and its manufacture. He can also exchange ideas with famous technicians who are as passionate as him about their work.

Michaël Grailet is also an internship supervisor and accompanies the trainees from the Technological Institute of Music Career for piano in le Mans.