Petrof upright and grand pianos are made since 1864 in Hradec Kralové (Czech Republic).


Petrof is the most important European manufacturer and is known worldwide for its instruments with a  rich and romantic sound. The firm has recently introduced new pianos with efficient mechanics/keyboards with a precise and flexible touch.

These pianos are entirely manufactured in Czech Republic with only European material : solid spruce wood from Czech forests soundboards, keyboards produced in the Petrof manufacture, Detoa mechanics (Czech Republic) on small upright pianos and Renner mechanics (Germany) on the big upright pianos and  grand pianos, Renner hammers (Germany) on all models, Röslau strings (Germany). The Petrof upright pianos are the only ones with a reasonable price while produced in Europe with quality material. They have a superior structural strength, have a uniform and clear finish, for an excellent price/quality ratio for a European made piano.

Michaël Grailet is the only Petrof piano dealer in Wallonia and the only technician approved by the brand (See Services). He will be happy to inform and advise you.

Upright piano

Upright design piano

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