Hermans & Sons The Belgian piano brand!

Hermans & Sons is the piano brand created by Michaël Grailet – L’Artisan du Piano to offer high-quality pianos at very attractive prices.


These pianos are developped by Michaël Grailet and produced thanks to different collaborators (see details for each model) before being prepared by Michaël Grailet in his workshop in Visé.

After a stringent quality control, tuning and harmonisation, Hermans & Sons pianos can fully develop their rich and warm sonority. These pianos are solid instruments, with a five year warranty. They are delivered directly from the workshop and offer you the best quality/price ratio of the market.

The Hermans & Sons pianos consists of three different ranges: Academy (A120), Studio (S118, S121, S125) and Concert (C118, C123, C130).